Converge Con is a conference that originated with a desire to build sex positive communities, and start a dialogue around sexuality, relationships and activism. It is produced by the Vancouver Sex Positive Society.

We intend to create an open and safe space for participants of all genders and backgrounds to connect with likeminded folk; a space which will spark conversations and foster the growth of new ideas.

Our Vision

A world where all people have access to shame free sex education and pleasure.

Our Mission

To create radically inclusive safer spaces for all people with an invested interest in creating a sex positive future. To amplify queer, LGBTQ+, IBPOC voices, and bring people from all walks of life together to spark new conversations.


Beyond community building, the Vancouver Sex Positive Society focuses on activism and social change. We bring together folks who are already out in the world making changes with people who want to learn and get involved. We view sexual pleasure and education as an integral part of intersectional feminism and advocate for change through social justice.