This schedule is subject to change. 

Friday Night
(preview screening - 50 mins) 
Presented by the filmmakers Ian MacKenzie & John Wolfstone

Healing of Love shares the revolutionary research of Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal, who have spent 40 years developing social practices and models for a new story of free love - love that is free from fear.   They reveal the connection between the war in love and our collective crises unfolding across the planet - and how we must reawaken the village as the fundamental cell of an emerging peace culture.

Saturday Night
Reid Mihalko's Iron Slut: Sex Educator Showdown!

Watch and Learn as Real Sex Educators Go Head To Head and Reveal Their Best Bedroom Moves...

What better way to learn about practical sex education that you can actually use than to watch two sex educators talk about, then show-n-tell, their favorite bedroom moves?

Yep. You read that right: Show-N-Tell Sex Education! 

Let's face it, sex is one of the few things we're not allowed to learn by watching others. You go to a fancy dinner. You don't know which spoon to use. You watch to see what spoon everyone else uses... But don't know what to do how in the bedroom, or want to add a few tricks to your repertoire? No such luck!

Until now...

Join “America’s favorite sex geek," Reid Mihalko and guests, for an entertaining, informational, guaranteed-to-be-funny and friendly "competitive” sex ed advice throw-down!

In this R-Rated evening filled with frank discussion and demonstrations that would make Facebook blush, we'll let the audience watch, take notes, and ask questions as our sex educators go mano y mano and blow for blow sharing some of their favoritest sex geek moves and techniques.

Show up to this fun-filled workshop and learn:

• What sex educators do under the covers and how

• Their best tips and tricks (NOT the kind you read about in Cosmo)

• Their favorite, black belt sexy-sexy time moves!

• And much, much more...

We can't promise you badly dubbed voice-overs or high-jinx drama like Iron Chef, but we can promise you some down-to-earth applicable sex and relationship education. 

If you always wished there was a reality show called "Shagging With the Stars," then this workshop might be for you. Tell your friends. Bring a date. Bring a note book, too, while you're at it!

Because of this workshop's explicitly frank nature and live demonstrations, no one under 18 admitted. Please try to arrive on time. And, as with all of Reid's workshops, you can always leave early.