Badass in the Bedroom with Dr. Liz Powel and Cathy Vartuli. 

Ever feel like you can’t get what you want sexually?

Get the tools you need to create the most exciting and satisfying sex you’ve ever had!

If when it's time to get sexy you freeze up, worried that your partner will think you’re greedy or impossible to please if you tell them what you want, this is the class for you! Or maybe you feel like you’re terrible at dirty talk and don’t even know how you would direct your partner to that perfect spot that will make you writhe. If you’re anything like us, you’ve had too many evenings sitting there wishing your partner would just read your mind already.

Overcome your fears, frustrations, and start having hotter sex NOW!

Come to Badass in the Bedroom and learn an abundance of ways to get what you want – direct to indirect, with words or without. You’ll walk away with confidence, clarity, and excitement so that you can get the pleasure you want and deserve. Your lover wants to give you a mind-blowing experience and when you use your voice to guide them you’ll blow their mind! Best of all, you’ll get all the vocabulary and courage you need to say yes, no, more, and less when you need to so that you can empower others to use their voices too.

In this fun, interactive 4-hour class you’ll get a priceless set of skills that will improve your sex life forever! Don’t settle for “okay” sex – get the best sex ever!

Time: 9am to 1pm, Friday April 7, 2017

Length: 4 hours

Early bird cost: $65 until February 15th, 2017

Cost: $80

You're Good Enough, You're Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like You; Battling Impostor Syndrome for Sexuality Professionals with Stella Harris.

Have you ever had a moment of panic before a class or client session when you’re sure that you have nothing to offer? That everyone already knows everything you know? There’s a name for that: Impostor Syndrome. The insidious belief that we’re not good enough can prevent us from offering our talents to the world, and it’s more than a simple confidence problem. But there’s good news: “Researchers find that impostorism is most often found among extremely talented and capable individuals, not people who are true impostors.”

So, how do you battle Impostor Syndrome and get your unique message out there? Once you’ve identified the problem, there are some tools and tricks you can use to conquer it.

In this session we’ll discuss Impostor Syndrome and how it manifests, we’ll figure out how to identify when that’s what we’re experiencing, and we’ll talk about ways to get around it so we can be fiercely and authentically ourselves, and get our passion and message out into the world.

We’ll also go through a writing exercise to identify and express our values that has been used to fight Impostor Syndrome with such success that it helped eliminate gendered performance differences in a university physics class. Lastly, we’ll focus on ways to apply these principles and tools to our work on an ongoing basis.

Building on the popularity this workshop at other conferences, this session will allow time for more in-depth exercises to nip Imposter Syndrome in the bud. We’ll also use our time - and the fruits of our exercises - to tackle some of the hardest writing projects for those of us who struggle with Imposter Syndrome: our bios, about pages, and course descriptions. We’ll use small groups and class time to help workshop our writing so we leave with something we can start using in business right away!

Please bring paper and pen or a laptop and be prepared to write!

Time: 10am to 1pm, Friday April 7, 2017

Length: 3 hours

Early bird cost: $50 until February 15, 2017

Cost: $65

How to Host Your Own Kick-Ass Play Party with Reid Mihalko.

• Ever thought about throwing your own erotic gathering, but not sure whom to invite or what mistakes to avoid?

• Maybe you already tried hosting one, but ran into bumpy starts and awkward situations where either nothing happened or everything crashed and burned horribly?

• Perhaps you’ve successfully thrown an orgy, and now you want to take your play parties from good to mind-blowingly awesome?

If you’ve ever wondered what the best practices for throwing a kick-ass play party are (as well as how to avoid the most common drama-creating, mood-killing pitfalls), then join “America’s favorite sex geek,” sex and relationship educator Reid Mihalko of for a 3 hour “bootcamp” as he shares his unique approach and design for hosting sex-positive, consent-based play parties.

Having run over 250 play parties attended by more than 3000 people, Reid will break down these essential elements required for hosting a smooth, fun, community strengthening play party event:

In this humorous and informative workshop, Reid will touch upon:

• What “safe space” means when applied to play parties

• The biggest mistakes and how to avoid them so you don’t have to learn the hard way and hurt your friends

• How to build a strong event container that will make hosting play parties easier for everyone involved

• Assessment techniques and protocols that will make inviting “the right” people a no-brainer

• Techniques that will help you run a play party so smooth that you’ll be able to frolic, too!

• Ways to role modeling healthy, empowering community behaviors around consent and communication

• What to do when things go wrong and how to help your community clean up it’s messes and mistakes

There’s only so much we can cover in 3 hours, but what we will cover will help you and your attendees have more fun, connection, and sex with greater peace of mind, less effort, and waaaaaay less drama.

Time: 2pm to 5pm, Friday April 7, 2017

Length: 3 Hours

Early bird cost: $50 until February 15, 2017

Cost: $65


Stealing the Key: Myth, Sexuality and the Wild Man with Ian MacKenzie.

Many men struggle with their relationship to masculinity and their sexuality.

We're shown only two models: the nice guy or the dominant aggressor.  Yet with the resurgence of the mythic men's movement, and through stories like Iron John, men are being shown another, older way. The resurgence of healthy masculine culture lies in reclaiming our wild power as erotic beings - though it must be tethered to an initiated understanding of women and the feminine. 

Join filmmaker Ian MacKenzie (Amplify Her, Healing of Love) as he weaves various influences into a provocative tapestry - from Burning Man to Tamera eco village in Portugal, revealing the archetypal journey all men must take to become potent allies to each other, and to life itself. 

This workshop will be entertaining and enlightening, part storytelling and part experiential practice.

Note: this workshop is intended for men only, to create a safe-space to go deep. This includes both male and male identified humans.

Time: 2pm to 5pm, Friday April 7, 2017

Length: 3 hours

Early bird cost: $25 until February 15, 2017

Cost: $30