What is Converge Con?

Converge Con is a conference that originated with a desire to build sex positive communities, and start a dialogue around sexuality, relationships and activism. 

We intend to create an open and safe space for participants of all genders and backgrounds to connect with likeminded folk; a space which will spark conversations and foster the growth of new ideas.

Where is it held?

In Vancouver, Canada at the Holiday Inn Vancouver-Centre (Broadway).

When is it?

It will be held April 6-8, 2018. 

Are you looking for volunteers?

We will announce when we start looking for volunteers.

Who is coming? 

We want to bring together all kinds of people - sex educators, sex therapists, bloggers/vloggers, activists, authors, social workers, really anyone who is up for talking about making our world more sex positive.

Can I be a presenter?

Presenter submissions are open! Please apply here before November 30th, 2017.

Will the presenters be compensated?

We would absolutely love to pay our presenters for all their hard work, but at this point we don't have the funds to do so. All presenters will receive full weekend access to Converge Con.

Who can attend?

Everyone is welcome, as long as they are 19+.

Is this an event for sex?

This is an event about sex, but not a sex event. There will be no organized play spaces. That being said, it will be held in a hotel, so what you do in your own room is up to you (as long as you're following hotel policy).